JoeLet me be the first to welcome you to home brewing!

If you've found this site, you've undoubtedly uncovered an interest in brewing your own beer, wine or mead at home. Let me just say that this has been one of the most rewarding hobbies I have ever enjoyed, and I'm incredibly happy to know that you share the passion!

I developed this site and the Basics of Home Brewing series of videos in an effort to help share the knowledge I have gained from brewing my own beer at home. I found early on that there were not many videos available that helped explain what all the pieces of equipment were, how they worked, what the brewing terms meant, etc. So I figured, why not share what I have learned with everyone else out there who might be interested?! This is an ever-growing project, and there will always be videos added to the site and to my channel--so check back often.

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So with all that said, click on "Videos" above and learn some of the Basics of Home Brewing or watch a series on how to brew your own beer.