Basics of Home Brewing SeriesThe Basics of Home Brewing


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Intro to the Basics of Home Brewing Series

What is a beer kit?

What is extract brewing?

What is all grain brewing?

What is a mini-mash?

What is fermentation?

What is a brewing kettle / brew pot?

What is a thermometer?

What is a liquid crystal thermometer?

What is a sanitizer?

What is Star San?

How do you use a Star San bottle?

What is Iodophor?

What is a primary fermenter / fermenting bucket?

What is a primary fermentation?

What is a carboy / Better Bottle?

What is a carboy bung / stopper?

What is a strainer?

What is an airlock / blow off tube?

What is a hydrometer?

What is a starting gravity and a final gravity?

What is ABV?

What is a wine thief / beer thief?

What is a racking cane / tube?

What is an AutoSiphon?

What is siphon tubing?

What is a shutoff clamp?

What is a secondary fermentation?

What is a bottling bucket?

What is a spigot?

What is a sulfiter / sulphiter?

What is a bottling wand / bottle filler?

What is a bottle capper?

What are crown caps / bottle caps?

What are EZ cap bottles?

What is carbonation?

What is a bottle brush?

What is a carboy brush?

What is Easy Clean / sodium percarbonate / OxyClean / no rinse cleansers?

What is malt and malted barley?

What is liquid malt extract?

What is dry malt extract?

What is priming sugar / corn sugar / dextrose?

What are specialty grains?

What are hops? Bittering hops? Aroma hops?

What is brewing yeast?

What are fining agents? What is Irish Moss?

What are adjuncts?

What is wort?

What is krausen?

What is trub?

What is yeast nutrient?

The Anatomy of a Cornelius (Corny) Keg